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Translation & Copy Editing 

Sharon provides a professional and accurate translating service. She has been translating academic, business and personal texts and documents - from French to English and from Spanish to English - for over 10 years. For more information, please read further down the page.

Professional and accurate Copy Editing and Proofreading of academic, business and personal texts and documents are other services provided. For more information, please read further down the page.

To find out more about Sharon's qualifications, professional background and linguistic skills, visit the About the Tutor/Translator Page.

Contact us directly to request a free twenty minute consultation to discuss your translation, copy editing or proofreading needs, using the Contact Form or by emailing: [email protected]



Whatever your translation needs, Sharon provides accurate English versions of any French and Spanish texts. Examples of her translation work include:

  • From French to English - those for the West Midlands Safari Park, for whom she translated the full building plans for their luxury self-catering African style lodges - from digging the foundations, to building the lodges, to their decoration and soft furnishing

  • From European Spanish to English - for businesses such as Bar Limón, an authentic Spanish restaurant in the UK for whom Sharon has provided translation, localisation services and cultural context to ensure an authentic dining experience

  • From Latin American Spanish to English - for research projects, including transcription and translation of interviews between British researchers and Latin American participants

For reviews visit the Testimonial Page more information email: [email protected]

Proofreading & Copy Editing

Whether proofreading or copy editing academic, business or personal documents and texts, Sharon provides an accurate and professional service.

Examples of copy editing work include:

  • Masters Research proposals and PhD Theses in a range of research fields 

  • Website content, reports and marketing materials for business and non-governmental organisations

  • Personal formal letters and documents, including for job applications

Sharon also teaches English for Academic Purposes


For more reviews and testimonials please visit the Testimonials Page and for more information email: [email protected]

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